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Q. Can my child attend The Caterpillar Club all day?

A. Yes, from 8.30am until 3.30pm.

Q. Does my child need to be potty/toilet trained?

A. No, We are happy to change nappies /pull ups, you would need to supply a spare nappy/pull up and wipes etc to change. Every child develops at different rates when you and your child are ready to be potty/toilet trained we will work with you to help make it as easy as possible. If your child is already toilet trained that is great.

Q. Can I pay my fees weekly?

A. Yes you would need to speak to the Manager or Deputy to organise this.

Q. My child is a fussy eater can I bring in their own snack.

A. At The Caterpillar Club we promote healthy eating and would encourage your child to try something new.

Q. How many sessions should my child attend?

A. It is usually up to you. It depends on you personal needs. We would recommend to start with maybe 2-3 sessions as your child gets nearer starting school age to increase to 5 sessions or more.

Q. Can I stay if my child doesn't settle?

A. You are very welcome to stay as long as you wish. However we would encourage you to leave your child for at least some part of the session. ( If you stay all the time your child will think that is how it should be). If your child has difficulty settling then we would phone you.

Q. What is Grant Funding?

Please Click the link to find out about Government Grant Funding