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Who we are?

The Caterpillar Club is a pre-school catering for children aged 2 years until they join a reception class at school. We have a very close affiliation to Ferndown First School. We are also members of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, a professional body designed to support pre-schools in their role of caring for children.

Where are we?

We meet in premises with a purpose built interior and outdoor play area for the under 5’s situated in the grounds of Ferndown First School


The Caterpillar Club is run by an elected committee of mostly parents. They are responsible for adopting the policies for the running of the pre-school, and for the employment and appraisal of staff. The Caterpillar Club is a registered charity.

When do we meet?

We are open each full week of term time with sessions on Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 3.30pm>

Early Years foundation stage curriculum

At the Caterpillar Club we use the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to create a curriculum that is interesting, stimulating and fun!


Our fees are £5.50 an hour:

Fees still need to be paid if you are away on holiday or if your child is off sick.

What should your child bring

It is always a good idea to bring a change of clothes in a bag just in case of any little accidents. Please make sure that all your child’s clothes are clearly named. We will provide a drink of water or milk for your child and a healthy mid-morning or afternoon snack. Therefore there is no need to bring food or drink.


We have a team of caring, enthusiastic staff who have a variety of current qualifications and training. They are also committed to keeping their knowledge up to date by undertaking further relevant training. All staff have an enhanced CRB check.

Government funding for childcare

Children are eligible for funding the first full term after their 3rd birthday. Three and four-year olds will be entitled to 15 hours of funded childcare. Working parents may be able to claim up to 30 hours of funded childcare. Some two-year-old children may also be eligible for funding. Please check your eligibility on the Dorset Council website.


Important: In order to feel free to participate in all the activities on offer at The Caterpillar Club, including messy ones and outside play, we find it is best if your children are dressed in clothes which are easily washed or not too new! Flip flops are not recommended. A coat is an essential item as we go outside to play in all weathers. In order that the children can work towards being independent, it is helpful if their clothing is simple enough for them to handle themselves when going outdoors or to the toilet.

Parental Role

We recognise parents as the first and most important educators of their young children and we aim to work in partnership with them during their children’s important early years. We encourage parents to be involved with their child's development files and work in partnership with the parents. We maintain a high adult to child ratio as we feel it is important to give the children the security and stimulation they need to develop.


At the Caterpillar club we have 27 Policies and Procedures which are available for you to look at in our Parent Information File (which is always placed on a table near the notice board outside).

Admissions Policy

All applications received will be placed on the waiting list in the date order they were received and places will be allocated when they arise.

Registration Fee

A registration fee of £25 will be required. This only applies to children under 3 years that are fee paying. There is no registration fee for grant funded children.